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sports of the '80s are now big to-dos. I'm curious as to what it I stands for. While media, industry and athletes are trying to surf the largest waves, snowboard off the highest peaks or ride a mountain bike 65 miles per hour down a trail, I'm seeing a cultural backlash that suggests maybe we're all ready to slow things down a bit. Standing in a river, throwing bugs and wasting large amounts of time might be just what the doctor ordered. I remember being the last one picked for kickball, counting dandelions during soccer games and using spiritual alliances to persuade fly balls to flyaway from me in the right side of the outfield. I wanted no part of things such as kickball, soccer and baseball. In short, I sucked. But hindsight is fifty-fifty and, in retrospect, sucking was a good thing. While nosepicking and wandering within team sports, I discovered that what I really wanted to do was surf, skate and ride my bike. And for us back then, those sports served a purpose larger than recreation. They were our identity and our membership in a time when team sports were very much the cultural norm. But that was then. Today, things have changed so much and those once cult "yl9u t

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