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PADDLE PICKS TEXT: SOLEIL LEGERE • _�.__ • c__ ----- _ 1. 1. OROSI HELMET Serious whitewater can mean serious business for your head. Rocks and unplanned collisions can cause acci­ dents and even death. When choosing head gear, check out Orosi for the new look of paddling. Their hip designs and flashy formats are second to none. Orosi, nO-565-9852, $160.00 2. HYDRO PODZ Washed up like a wet rat on a remole island? Lost? Reach for your pod, pull out a dry map and figure out where you are. Seattle Sports' waterproof Hydro-Podz holds small essentials such as maps, and even cellular phones. But remember, it's up to you whether or not you choose to answer the phone. Seattle Sports, 800-632-6163, $10.95-$21.95 3. PADDUNG GLOVES Maybe you live in the northern latitudes and, to stave off mid-winter suicidal depression, want to paddle? These Chota paddling gloves will keep your hands warm even if they are repeatedly dipped in frigid water. The mold­ ed Kung-Fu style grip will relieve tension and conserve muscle strength. Chota, 423-690-1814, $28.00. 4. TOW AND THROW BELT AND BAG Throw me a rope! These Wildwasser throw bags come complete with rope and belt. Launch the bag and the rope will fall out behind. Useful for pulling somebody out of a river or saving your own life. Wildwasser Sport, 303-444-2336, $75.00 5. BARREL PACKS If these barrels look industrial it's because they are. The ingenious folks at Voyageur sell them along with a strap-on harness to create a fully-functional waterproof barrel-back-pack. They come in 30 or 60 liter sizes. Cinch down the galvanized band clamp and bounce it off a rock, drop it in the water-flo problem. Voyageur; 802-496-3127, 30-liIre size $44.95, carry straps $34.95 6. FISHING POLE Strap a small casting rod to the front of your kayak and cast when you see the birds workin'. Or rig a short trolling rod to lure while you paddle. Make sure that any fish you take are not of an endangered species. For kayak fishing supplies as well as advice and infor­ mation, visit Spike at the Coastal Kayak Fishing website. Penn Reels, 215-229-9415, $30-$675 5. W.ljDfy DoyM 4. AipineCompression Cyclone TOpefed I Keep it dry. 18 different ways. No matter what your adventure, Hydro Lock™ three-roll closure dry bags will keep your gear from getting all wet. I HYDRO Ml'llf V" Look for Seattle Sports products at fine outdoor stores everywhere. Manufacturers of Superior Outdoor Gear 1·800·632·6 163 • ® (lC(Jr Waoderel' How many different ways can you say DRY? H�ICll11pSock

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