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« ~ a.. > A beam of light hits the face of a refugee in a temporary shelter in a small northern Albanian town. _ ..... _______ The rules of the world have changed. Aggression has been brought ..., KOSOVO'S SHADES OF GRAY TEXT + PHOTOGRAPHY: GARY FABIANO to a new level that, when we look at atrocities committed in recent wars, is almost beyond belief. People talk about a time of innocepce. I am not sure when it happened, but innocence was lost-and it wasn't anytime recently. The world community has a responsibility to prevent "never again" from happening again. Well, in recent years we have not only let it happen again, but again and again. When will it stop? The world community's inability to step in and h elp stop past conflicts is what has made the rules of the world change to what sometimes seems a point of no return. A line has to be drawn. A message has to be sent: If you commit these horrible human atrocities, you will be held accountable. Let it be from this day forward that everyone understands that all actions will have a reaction. I think that all the discussion about the conflict in Kosovo is good. It opens a dialogue that has the potential for resolution. But does what WE

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