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" Lines of SUl'vival. Refugees spend many hours a day waiting for food, blankets and other supplies. " One of t h e many y oung faces of war. " Anticipating a Serbian b reech of Albania's sovereignty, Alban ian soldiers move closer to t h e b order. Tlw hours of waiting end in ch a os . F lailing hands reach for loaves of bread. Wbere one band may be reach ing to fee_ ~ __ ...... d .. a couple of family members, anot b er may have to feed How do you feed an enti re family on one loaf of bread? say and think really matter? As far as I am concerned, not really. The only opinions that really matter are the ones of those who have to go through this. That's why I take pictures. The newspapers and TV were not good enough for me anymore. I had to see it and find out for myself. So I spoke to the people. The people who walked nine days in the cold, torrential rain to reach a somewhat safer place. The people who arrived suffering from exhaustion, dehydration and hunger. The people who arrived with their feet open and bleeding from walking so much. The people who sleep on top of a piece of plastic on top of cold, wet mud. The people who fit their whole family on the back of a wagon pulled by a tractor or horse. The people who had to witness a brother or son or father pulled away never to be seen again or executed in front of them. These are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of examples. As I said before, our opinions really do not matter. I found the people that I spoke with in Kosovo were relieved that NATO exists and has decided to stand up to a despicable human being. I think if misery and destruction were knocking at our door and our families were living through this, we would be wondering who was going to come and help us out. Our job now is to go from bystander to active bystander and try to help out as much as we can. There are many ways of helping. Find a place to send clothes, money or food. Or go offer your help in person. And while we are at it, we should call the ones we love and tell them how much they mean to us and try and remind ourselves everyday just how great we really have it. 27

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